Specialist Steelworks

FLA-Intermex work on large specialist fabrications for commercial, architectural and residential clients. We have supplied steelwork and assemblies for the Olympics, stores in nearby Gloucester Quays retail development and other bespoke commercial briefs.

Design and specification advice for bespoke steelwork

Our team offer specification and assembly advice on any project you may have involving metal assemblies. We can make the essential design and specification changes to achieve final manufacture of the product, working through the project with your architect.

Transferable skills – our work on a contemporary bridge design

Our steel processing experience also transfers to large residential projects. At Broughton Poggs Mill in Oxfordshire, a pedestrian feature bridge was planned for a large garden.

From trial assembly to installation of steel sections 

The design was based on a twisting tubular undercarriage made from spray painted mild steel – in total nearly 40ft long with welded handrails and walkway supports. To achieve the variance in radii required, FLA-Intermex trialled and then pre-assembled a design that involved sectioning the tube, splitting it, twisting it and then welding. The final bridge was spray painted at FLA, then transferred to site where full installation was completed and supervised.

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